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In the name of God the Merciful and the blessings and peace be upon our master Muhammad Sadiq faithful promise After we welcome you to the page of Al-Safadi Al-Khaldi Makhzoumi Al-Qurashi tree, and we would like through this page to narrate this tree so that his tree grows thanks to God and his ear and completed through which to communicate and Good knowledge inshallah.

And this strain, which is attributed and attributed to the great companion Saifullah Khalid bin Walid bin Mughira bin Abdullah bin Omar bin Makhzoum bin vigilance bin Mara bin Ka'b bin Louay bin Ghaleb bin Fahr al-Qurashi and is (once) the sixth ancestor of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him.

And about it (family tree) Rushdi Pasha bin Rashid bin Qasim Safadi Khalidi Makhzoumi Qurashi wrote about the family of Safadi: “A summary of some of the information and clarifications contained in the origin of the descent version:

1) Khaleda II, Khalid ibn al-Hussein, died of nine males and five daughters. He was a brave and courageous hero who protected the country from the evils of the Arabs. When the Arabs were overwhelmed and entered their homes, his sons were dispersed. His son Ali went to Jerusalem and to him, the Khalidi gentlemen belonged to Jerusalem, and his son Khazim joined a tribe in the wilderness. Mount Ajloun. One of his sons, Darwish, remained in Homs.
2) Arar bin Salem when he disagreed with his brothers Zidan and Zaid came Horan and protected from the raids of the Arabs Vtqtha King of the Levant.
3) Prince Mohammed Abufatah In his time dominated the Ajam on the country of Baghdad, he walked them with the army of Constantinople God made victory on his hand. He returned with the army of the Ottoman Turks to Constantinople, and when he returned from Constantinople, the anti-Ottoman Ghurids dominated his car and dispersed him. When the Gurion disagreed with the Ottomans and Sultan Selim I walked over the Levant, he was received by Abu Fateh at Jisr al-Shughur. He entered Aleppo with Sultan Selim and built a hospice in his name. Then the king of Syria fought with Sultan Selim between Homs and Hama. At the victory of Sultan Selim, Fatih carved out one third of Horan and became the mast of the mast.
4) Al-Mundhir ibn Issa accompanied the lineage and went to Constantinople and presented it to the sultan, who believed him and was taken away by Safed and her neighborhood. ”

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